Arenosa ASPC/AMHR Horses

sml-img-champSundance LB Stock Farm LLC, has the largest herd of 100% Straight Arenosa horses in the world. Here is the criteria to be a Straight Arenosa (SA) horse – every horse in the pedigree must be proven to go back to horses  bred by, owned by or used by Audrey Barrett of Arenosa Pony Farm.  This is what we call pure direct descendants of the Arenosa breeding program- 100% Straight Arenosa’s.(SA).

This is not to say that Audrey Barrett wouldn’t breed someone elses horses to one of her stallions – these individuals would not qualify as they were not owned by Audrey or used in her breeding program.

Sundance LB Straight Arenosas – we now have generations deep Sundance LB 100% (SA) horses that we are sure Audrey would be proud to see. Many are 5th and 6th generations of our own breeding – all have pedigrees that trace back 100% to Audrey Barretts horses.